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General Manager PLANT

Medicines have become a very important & powerful tool, now more than ever, in improving the health status of populations and, in the long term, for reducing healthcare costs. We are very aware of the fact that an ever increasing number of diseases are successfully managed today with drug therapy, especially with the availability of more effective & more reliable drugs therapy and we want to assure you that we manufacture quality medicines without compromise.

Although we are recent entrant in the pharmaceutical industry, our engineering and process design competences enables us to produce high quality products. We have F R & D department for process design and evaluation of upcoming products.

We are committed to build a healthier community by manufacturing and supplying superior quality products complying to stringent quality standards and meeting all GMP and international regulatory norms.

Quality systems have been integrated in line with the requirements of WHO-GMP standards, and now have been working on a process oriented approach to quality systems in order to satisfy customer need.

Achievement of quality is the prime responsibility of all the functional heads. They have been tasked with ensuring that the systems function as per the procedures listed out in the quality management system manual.

Thank You