About Accord Pharmaceuticals

Management Team

Ramesh Man Shrestha | General Manager Technical

Master in Pharmacy, has profound working experience in his respective field, as NPL Pvt. Ltd. From date 2062/04/01 to date 2063/02/31 Senior Officer, working in R&D - N.P.L Pvt. Ltd. Working as Assistant Manager from 2063/03/01 to 2066/06/01. - NPL Pvt. Ltd. Working as a manager from 2069/04/01 to 2072/03/31. - NPL Pvt. Ltd. Worked as Senior Manager from 2072/04/01 to 2075/08/07.


Bhesh Raj Gyawali | Senior Sales Manager of Marketing ( Oris Division )

Bachelor in Arts, has a sound working experience in his respective field in Leben Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. Working experience as assistant sales manager from 2064/08/01 to 2077/08/01


Lokendra Ghimire | Sales Manager of Marketing ( Cardium Division)

Note: He is currently not working with us as Senior Sales Manager since 1st of Jestha, 2080

Bachelor in Science, has expertise in his respective field as Quest Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. from 2067. Working experience as Area Business Manager for 8 years till 2075


Daya Sagar Pokharel | Office Secretary

Master in Business Studies has working experience in the medical field for more than 25 years in the accounting and management department.